May 18, 2018 Bellysketcher

the world a pee (part 2)- story of a birth and a maternity painting

Unexpected reencounter after a painting

When Marta opened the door I had no ideia who was there…

Most mother’s remembers with great details (just like a painting)  the story of their babies birth. I’m not an exception. Nicolau was born after a C-section ( he was in a footling womb position and it was impossible to deliver with a natural birth).


Keep reading and know Marta and Sara and part of Nicolau’s birth story ( and also from where I knew Marta before).

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I always wanted a natural birth and it wasn´t easy for me to get over my C-setions. Then I realised that the way we raise our children is far more important then the way they are born.

Marta was the nurse working in the hospital the night Nicolau was born. She remembered me and Nicolau.

Marta was the one helping me carrying him around when I could´t move, she was the one helping me when I fist stand after the surgery, the one helping him when he almost choke and I had no ideia what to do. Marta was a very tender, caring and sweet nurse, and I thank her deeply.

Marta is now working in Germany. She moved there because the working conditions for nurses in Portugal are not the best. They are underpaid and over working.

Such a shame when a country doesn’t take care of their ones.

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