Watercolor Portraits

Why Watercolor Portraits are so special

Watercolor Portraits represent your loved ones in a very colorful and smooth painting style.

Watercolor is a very soft and fluid painting technique. It’s tenderness and femininity is easily associated to maternity. The way the colors blend with each other, the transparency, the non existent hard boundaries. It’s just like being a mother, always between opinions and defused thinking, but with the most incredible colorful and talented final result. Every single finished and delivered Bellysketcher watercolor paintings  is like a grown baby to let go, a baby who has found his or her new family, next to its inspirational clan.

Watercolor is a very loose and relaxed technique. A watercolor portrait will never be too realistic but will show the subject with a very special and unique light and brightness.

A watercolor portrait of someone you love will always remind you his or her most delicate and graceful side. Water is the effect. due and its unique characteristics of spontaneity.

Watercolor is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution.

All Bellysketcher portraits are made with watercolor and  bright and effusive colors. It doesn’t mean that the entire painting has to be colored with ink. Most importantly, the portraits are not agitated, not too loud or intricate. Most watercolor portraits result in a very serene, peaceful and fluid Art piece.

Bellysketcher’s watercolor portraits are original, exclusive hand made paintings of your maternity – your pregnancy , your baby, your family, showing your water based heart and soul.

Having your own custom watercolor portrait will make your home even more luminous and radiant. Better than having one watercolor portrait on the wall is to exhibit an entire gallery, with all members of your family, lightening up your home.

Have your self a unique, custom-made watercolor portrait from Bellysketcher. Looking forward to registering your family. Contact us!

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