Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor paintings

Watercolor painting is one of the most luminous and brightest Art forms. Below, you will find out more about Watercolor Paintings and why Bellysketcher loves the final result.

Art, painting especially, has the ability to look for our deepest memories in order to find a particular feeling.  Painting is one of the most expressive forms of communication and watercolor painting does it with our most treasured and beautiful memories. It is one of the most positive painting techniques.

It is  probably due to its unique characteristics.

Staining is a characteristic, assigned to watercolor paints. Staining is increased if the paint manufacturer uses a dispersing agent to reduce the paint milling (mixture) time. This is because the dispersing agent acts to drive pigment particles into the crevices, which are found within in the paper pulp. This results in dulling the finished color. It is because of the staining effect, that watercolor paintings always look very smooth and loose. This effect is availed by Bellysketcher’s paintings and one of her favorite attributes in watercolor painting.

Granulation refers to the appearance of separate visible pigment particles in the finished color, which is produced when the paint is substantially diluted with water and is also applied with an absorbing brush stroke. It is perfect to apply this in the background in order to enhance the babies, children, mums and families on Bellysketcher’s watercolor paintings, giving all the protagonism to the portrayed family.

Transparency – watercolor paints do not form a cohesive paint layer, as do acrylic or oil paints, but simply scatter pigment particles randomly across the paper surface; the transparency consists in the paper being directly visible between the particles. Watercolors appear more vivid than acrylics or oils because the pigments are laid down in a more pure form with no or fewer fillers obscuring the pigment colors. Perfect for a maternity portraits and to represent the Love that inspires it.

Watercolor painting is Bellysketcher’s favorite, yet, not the only art form. All Inês’s watercolor paintings have a pen made drawing with her unique expressive line. This line usually defines the subject in being portrayed with all his or her distinguished features.

Have yourself a unique, custom-made watercolor painting from Bellysketcher. Looking forward to registering your family. Contact us!

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