May 2, 2017 Bellysketcher

secret about bellysketcher’s portrait paintings

A small , yet honest confession about my  work on portrait and my true passion.

Vanessa and Raymond’s portrait – a couple in Love – and a secret.

This will probably came as a shock for you, so please be sure you are well sited before continue to read this post. (may be exaggerating a little here 😉 )

Este blog é bilingue, para ler este post em Português, clique aqui.

I’m not just a specialist in maternity portraits… here… I said it…

Yes it’s true. Although I love to paint babies, mums and kids… What I really, really love to paint is people. And sometimes I paint people just because they are people in love.

This painting was a special watercolor portrait for Vanessa and Raymond celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

watercolor portrait

The most difficult thing when it comes to paint someone’s portrait using a photo is to make sure you “know” your subject properly ( they are so much more then “subjects”, but you know what I mean). That is why I always want to talk to people, get to know them, meet them in person… Unfortunately, most of my clients live far from me. Vanessa and Raymond live in Oslo, Norway, a long way from Portugal. However, Vanessa made me a beautiful description about their love, and it was easy to know how much in love these two are. Being the romantic girl I am, I could´t resist to make my own version of  “the kiss”.

I wish this beautiful couple a long and passionate life together.

I’m also going to tell you a real secret… I got married last month. My life partner and I never sign a paper… We felt like a married couple, but the truth is that, in law terms, we weren’t. So, what began as a formality ended as a real special day. I always said I didn’t feel the need to marry, but after all it was a perfect day surrounded by our loved ones. If you are curious about the photos , I invite you to take a look here, hope you enjoy.


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