May 2, 2017 Bellysketcher

secret about bellysketcher’s portrait paintings

A small , yet honest confession about my  work on portrait and my true passion.

Vanessa and Raymond’s portrait – a couple in Love – and a secret.

This will probably came as a shock for you, so please be sure you are well sited before continue to read this post. (may be exaggerating a little here 😉 )

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I’m not just a specialist in maternity portraits… here… I said it…

Yes it’s true. Although I love to paint babies, mums and kids… What I really, really love to paint is people. And sometimes I paint people just because they are people in love.

This painting was a special watercolor portrait for Vanessa and Raymond celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

watercolor portrait

The most difficult thing when it comes to paint someone’s portrait using a photo is to make sure you “know” your subject properly ( they are so much more then “subjects”, but you know what I mean). That is why I always want to talk to people, get to know them, meet them in person… Unfortunately, most of my clients live far from me. Vanessa and Raymond live in Oslo, Norway, a long way from Portugal. However, Vanessa made me a beautiful description about their love, and it was easy to know how much in love these two are. Being the romantic girl I am, I could´t resist to make my own version of  “the kiss”.

I wish this beautiful couple a long and passionate life together.

I’m also going to tell you a real secret… I got married last month. My life partner and I never sign a paper… We felt like a married couple, but the truth is that, in law terms, we weren’t. So, what began as a formality ended as a real special day. I always said I didn’t feel the need to marry, but after all it was a perfect day surrounded by our loved ones. If you are curious about the photos , I invite you to take a look here, hope you enjoy.


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Bellysketcher Bellysketcher creates your exclusive hand made family portrait with watercolor painting. It´s made with all her dedication, attention to detail and most important, with her sense of your own family. Bellysketcher maternity pictures are much more than maternity photos. Every single watercolor is an interpretation of one’s parenting Love representing what can´t be seen with a camera. Beautiful paintings that will last a life time of memories. Perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.

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