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vacation sketchers

why is vacation important to draw and to inspire

and a sketcher at the beach

I’ll soon start my summer vacation. I’ll be heading south (as most of us) looking for the sun and the sea. This year the weather is not helping our plans… heavy rain in the middle of July!!!!! really?!!!

Keep reading to know what my vacation plans are (and why they are just plans) and to tell you about this summer painting.

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father and daughters portrait

Above is a painting of a dad with his two sweet daughters at the beach. This one was made after a photo on my studio… but I have other plans for my beach drawings.

I already bought not 1, not 2.. but 5 moleskins to use as my graphic diaries. I can´t promise works of art… but I’ll try to take my pen for a walk on the beach and show you some of my sketches…

I always liked drawing on the beach. People are relaxed and, most important, still , witch means, perfect to draw. Also, they don´t wear clothes ( not much, at least) so I can draw their bodies and not layers and layers of fabric.

It’s not easy to draw with two crazy boys with absolutely no fear of the sea , always trying to drawn ( it really looks like that… zero fear… I’m telling you). I’m imagining a beautiful heavenly beach and two boys playing under the parasol with their pails and shovels… but the harsh reality is so less romantic and full of sand and a bit of yelling (mea culpa). Being a mom is only for the brave…

Besides my drawing ambitions I really want to finish the book I’m reading and start a new one. Too much ambition? Hopefully not. I came back from my trip to Oporto feeling I can do anything! ( It was wonderful).

I’ll be posting the best drawings of the day on my instagram, so please, stay tuned. I won´t take my watercolours with me, so it will be fast sketches when something gets my attention.

Until then, Hasta la vista baby!


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