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the moment we met – newborn portrait

As soon as we met – a newborn portrait

Do we fall in love the moment our babies are born?

Do you believe in 1st sight love? Definitely YES!

Here is Maria and António:

newborn portrait

The moment they saw each other for the first time is unforgettable. It’s one of my favourite moments to paint.

Keep reading and leave your comment about the first time you saw your baby.

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Some mothers fall in love the moment they see their baby, some take a little longer. But I think that moms and dads react differentially when they first see their newborn babies.

I remember when the nurse show me Tomé ( my oldest son) . He was born after a C section, so I was laid down, shaking ( I’m not sure if it’s because the anaesthetics or I was just nervous… but I count´t stop shaking) and the nurse show me Tomé, wrapped in a blacked, still covered with vernix. I just stood there, with no ideia of what to do. Here he was, the baby I was dreaming about for the last 9 months and I had no ideia what to feel.

The nurse, who probably knows exactly what moms feel, told me to kiss him – “go ahead, kiss him”- which I did. That first touch was the beginning of a life time love.

I felt him, so smooth and soft. Probably the softest I’ve ever felt, and that moment I knew he was the son I dreamed about my entire life.

Babies, off course, have absolutely no memory about this incredible moment. That is why, is such a beautiful picture to paint. It represents the begging of the greatest love ever and babies, after growing up, becoming children.. teenagers… even adults.. will be delighted to have a portrait with their moms representing this moment.

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