March 23, 2016 Bellysketcher

Spring is the time to restart blogging ( and a freebie)

Bellysketcher -Freebie - bee

Bellysketcher- freebie - free bee

I’m so happy to welcome you all to my brand-(redirected from blogger)-new blog!

Tolstoi said that “Spring is the time of plans and projects”. And this sunny day inspires me to continue painting Bellysketcher’s maternity portraits.

I’ll do my best to show my work and plans around here. It’s not always easy, between pregnancy watercolors and baby portraits , and my own family, to find the time to say hello, but I’m determined to communicate with you by writing as I usually do with my family portraits.

And to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the future of our children I’m honoured to offer you this watercolor. You can download it, print it and use it the way you prefer. I’m sure it will look great on your kid’s room or even on the fridge door.

It’s a reminder of the future. It’s a Freebie – Free-bee to remembering us to take care of our world, if not for us, for our children. Honor the flowers, the plants, the bees (that are missed in some parts of our earth) and all thinks living.

I also would like to invite you to come over often. I promise a lot more of these. I’m already preparing a beautiful freebie watercolor task table for your little ones. It’s perfect for children to feel useful and confident.

In the meanwhile, subscribe 😉 and stay tuned!

See you soon!

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Bellysketcher Bellysketcher creates your exclusive hand made family portrait with watercolor painting. It´s made with all her dedication, attention to detail and most important, with her sense of your own family. Bellysketcher maternity pictures are much more than maternity photos. Every single watercolor is an interpretation of one’s parenting Love representing what can´t be seen with a camera. Beautiful paintings that will last a life time of memories. Perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.
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