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sisterhood – sibling portrait

sisterhood – chidren portrait times 2

The best present parents can give their children

We never know what’s going to happen when siblings grow up. Will they get along just fine?

sibling portrait

ome are good friends during childhood and grow apart becoming teenagers… some are always fighting and become close when adults.

How is it with you? And your children? Keep reading and, in the end,  share with your brother or sister.

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I was an only child until 10. Every Christmas or birthday I ask my parents for a brother or sister. My parents had no trouble getting pregnant with me ( they got married in December and I was born next November) , but it took them 9 years to get pregnant on my brother. When my mom told me the good news I started crying… I was so happy. I remember as it was yesterday. It was the best present my parents could ever give me… and I was only starting to understand that.

My husband is an only child. He never felt the need of a brother the way I did, but we both wanted at least 2 children. I believe family supports each other in good times and bad times. I can´t imagine my life without my brother and I wanted my children to have this kind of special relationship.

Although my brother lives in Germany we talk a lot, and I miss him everyday.

Margarida and Sofia are still growing up. Probably they don´t understand, yet, the joy of having each other. They are only 2 years apart. During our session, even if they were trying to get my attention separately, they both talked about each other a lot. Sofia told me many things about Margarida, and Margarida about her sister Sofia. It was very moving.

I love making this double paintings with siblings. I hope the painting has the special meaning for the families as it has for me.

Margarida and Sofia will grow up with the memories of a childhood together. This painting, I hope, will symbolise that.

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