May 15, 2017 Bellysketcher

Simplicity works! ( for baby-shower and more)

What to offer when parents already have it all – baby-shower gifts

Baby shower and Eurovision (what?!!)

Julia and Vincent, from the Netherlands, received a special baby-shower present from their friend Rita, a remarkable and personal Bellysketcher pregnancy portrait.

On a baby-shower, we want to offer something special, unique and forever lasting to the future parents… a pregnancy painting is a perfect gift! Know why… continue reading please, and see how the watercolor turned out!

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pregnant portrait

Rita contacted me, sent me some photos of Julia and Vincent ( and a huge and round belly) and wrote a description about this couple… After 2 weeks I shipped the painting to Holland and she gave it to the couple ( who loved it, as I’ve been told)… couldn’t be easier!

Parents don´t need much for parenting. Is actually an almost stuff free activity ( it really is). All we need is milk ( witch our body produces free of charge), lots of love ( free again…), some clothes ( in the Portuguese summer you can even dismiss it- it can be hot here) a small space on your bed, close to your breath and heart for your baby to rest ( and you) and dippers. That’s it!

You won´t need the baby monitor from amazon… you won´t need the baby booties – Really… they will only walk next year!- and please… please… you won´t need a pee-pee teepee ( do you know what this is? please google it…. It’s ridiculous!!!).

But we still want to offer something to show our happiness to the couple.

We should offer something with meaning ( just like #salvadorable song…. I couln’t resist.. I had to talk about this guy!!! How great is he??? beautiful song, congrats!!).

This is why, both in Eurovision and parenting, simple works! ( as well as Art)




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