May 4, 2016 Bellysketcher

School workshop for future free thinker adults

A different and wonderful school

expressing emotions on Art workshop

Last week I went to a school to promote a workshop.  You know my distrust about schools… but this one is different and I loved it!

Teresa, the owner, challenged me to make them a visit. She saw my post about mini-mi fashion week, and thought “her” kids would like to meet me. After all, they have been talking about Art this year and none had ever knowned a profissional painter before.

I confess I was a tiny bit nervous. This time was different from mini-mi. These kids know each other and were expecting to learn things from me ( What could I teach them?). I realised that this informal activity was too messy and relaxed for me to be nervous about it :), and they were not expecting any kind of “teaching” at all.

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 01


I loved Era uma vez 1,2,3 . Kids were ( I dare to say) free and wild ( in the best sense there is … thinking about it, I suppose free and wild can only be a positive thing when talking about kids). They were very participative, with beautiful questions I was´t expecting at all.

They asked me if I like to paint babies, why I’ve chosen that profession and if I paint according to my emotions.

Most of all like to paint, some, don´t and prefer football!

I wanted to show how Art is a way to express emotions. I challenged them to paint a angry mood and to paint happiness. We talked about the different emotions of color, and how different techniques can result in different emotional outcomes.  The results were, again, not important, but, as usual, were fantastic… as you can see by the photos.

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 02

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 03

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 04

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 05

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 06

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 07

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 08

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 09

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 10

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 11

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 12

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 13

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 14

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 15era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 16

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 17

era uma vez 1,2,3 _ 19

I’ll do much more workshops! We had so much fun. Thank you again Teresa for this opportunity and congratulations on your school project! I know you are preparing creative, happy and free thinker adults!


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