May 4, 2017 Bellysketcher

new partnership – tedzukuri origami lamps

Brand new partnership -tedzukuri  for your home!

To celebrate the spring – new illustration for tedzukuri

I’m super, super happy and excited to show you my brand new partnership with Tedzukuri !!!

You may remember Cláudia, Pedro, Zoe and Gui from here and here. This beautiful, happy, creative family from Paris just started an incredible origami project entirely made by hand and eco-friendly materials ( my kind of thing). You can know a bit more about it by clicking the link above and from their Etsy shop.


Este blog é bilingue, para ler este post em Português, clique aqui.

All the objects you see on the links are carefully made by hand by Cláudia and Pedro and now some are painted by me ( weeeeee!!!!!!! )

Printemps illustration is only the beginning, so stay around, because more is on the way ;)!

Printemps collection is a vibrant, fresh and happy illustration on lamps and candle holders, in green tons to decorate your home with a special unique touch! To have your printemps tedzukuri/bellysketcher lamp contact their Etsy shop… Celebrate the spring with a hand made artistic item.

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