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Imagine your new born portrait

New born portrait for a life time of memories

Special moments just after birth with no camera in between

Margarida is António’s mother for more than 2 years now (not a new born portrait anymore, or is it?). She doesn´t have many photos, specially after giving birth and wanted an image that captures their early relationship, when they were still knowing each other.

That is not unusual at all. I’m used to be contacted by parents who have a special ideia of what kind of image they want, but have no photo of it. “I would love to have a painting with my son holding his brother when he was born, but I don´t have any picture of it, can you do it?” “I never had the chance to take a picture of my granny holding my son, can you do it?” ” I don´t have any pictures of my son being brestfed, it was such a beautiful phase, can you do it?”. The list is actually endless.

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Margarida only have a very small and dark phone photo for me to work with, and I mean very small and very dark.

newborn portrait

The result is here for you to see. I must say it was a very difficult painting to make, but I’m very proud of it. In the end, both Margarida and António loved the result, and could see them selves in the portrait.

I always try to capture people’s features, but most importantly, I try to capture an essence, a relationship, a bond, and when maternity is the theme, the bond is the most import thing to paint ( and the most difficult too).

I’m not a very good photographer and I rarely remember to take pictures of my boys. I believe that is much more important to live without a camera in between. Enjoy your children , you can have an image of what you imagine with a painting. I’m waiting for your challenges ;)!


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Bellysketcher Bellysketcher creates your exclusive hand made family portrait with watercolor painting. It´s made with all her dedication, attention to detail and most important, with her sense of your own family. Bellysketcher maternity pictures are much more than maternity photos. Every single watercolor is an interpretation of one’s parenting Love representing what can´t be seen with a camera. Beautiful paintings that will last a life time of memories. Perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.

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