March 30, 2016 Bellysketcher

Mini-mi Fashion week – Fashion meets watercolor

Mini-mi fashion week – The children’s fashion event in Lisbon

Bellysketcher will be there and everyone is going to mess with paint! ( it’s going to be so awesome!).

Mini-mi fashion week will be the first on it’s kind on the Portuguese capital. It’s promoted by Andrea Schaefer and her blog with the same name and I’m expecting lots of fun and beautiful clothes.

I was invited by Andrea to provide some of my maternity watercolor paintings to be exhibited on the walls. The event will take place in LX Factory ( a huge industrial space) and some color will definitely light up the room. However, because I can never stand still, I had the idea of making a workshop in addiction to the exhibition. I always come up with strange ideas to get me out of my comfort zone ( that’s a very good thing, don´t you agree?). It’s perfect for me to grow and be part of beautiful things, but it’s never easy. If it wasn´t for that craziness I would still be behind a computer, designing houses I would never see build, unhappy and sad. Fortunately for me I don´t accommodate and I’m here telling you these good news ;).

Mini-mi Fashion Week

The workshop is for families with children over 4. Everyone ( parents and children) will be part of a great and big ( very big) Art Piece. We are all working together with paint, collages, ink, crayons, brushes, feet and hands.

The result, I expect to be magnificent and I can´t wait to be part of it.

Art communicates, that is why I love to make collaborative pieces and this one will be with so many people, mostly small artists (that are always such an inspiration).

For those not around during the event ( I mean, not in Lisboa). Who knows… maybe I can do it on your home city any time soon and start a new project ( I’m bold enough for that… I know me..). Anyway I’ll show the result here. I’m sure you will like it!

In the meantime, stay around. I’ll be here with lots to show you.



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