April 4, 2016 Bellysketcher

Bellysketcher’s workshop on Mini-me fashion week

Mini-mi fashion week – The workshop 9April – 11.30am

Mini-mi fashion week- Workshop to be messy ( don´t wear new clothes, please)

Mini-mi !!!!! I’m so excited with Saturday! It’s gonna be so fun.

bellysketcher's workshop on mini-mi fashion week

Lx factory , on “Armazém XL” ate 11.30 am Bellysketcher will be performing a workshop for families ( children over 4).

We are going to paint a great  Art piece with (washable) ink and very, very colourful oil pastels.

lt’s all set here and I’m in count down.

painting baby hand

I’ve never done this before. I’ve already participate in many workshops. Lots of them with my own kids, but it was never me the one to guide it.

I’m expecting it to be amusing, colourful and entertaining.

Despite I’m using washable ink, please wear your kids with comfortable and practical clothes. I know…it’s going to be a fashion event, so it’s perfect to buy beautiful clothes for after the workshop ;).

Bellysketcher will also have a small exhibition of maternity portraits on the way to the bar ( you won´t miss it).

bellyskether's workshop

The workshop is for free, but the entrance on Mini-mi fashion week isn´t. Tickets are available at the usual spots, as well as in LX factory entrance.

There’s a limit of 12 people to the workshop, so, be there on time (or even a bit before).

In the end, everyone will take home a little something to put on the wall ( or fridge).

I’m looking forward to paint with you and your kids.

See you on Saturday!


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