Maternity Watercolour Portraits

Understand More About Maternity Watercolour Portraits


Be inspired by your Maternity Watercolour Portraits. Be part of a work of Art reminding you about one of the most beautiful and human feelings : maternal Love.

Art is an expression of what it means to be human. It’s a universal language in which humans can communicate to each other, no matter what their cultural heritage or language is. Art is an escape to the banality of reality. As Nietsche said, “We have Art to not parish from the truth”.

Bellysketcher’s maternity watercolour portraits link these two beautiful amazing worlds, Art and Maternity. It’s the perfect combination of human magnificence.

A watercolour portrait tells so much more of your essence than what a photo does. It’s an ancient Art that, fortunately, is gaining adherents every day. The world is becoming more conscious of beauty and aesthetic and we are happy to be sailing with you on this journey.

To own a Bellysketcher Maternity watercolour portrait is to be part of its process. Inês Pargana does not make a copy of your photo. Inês has to know you, your family, your children, your maternity. It’s a conjoined work remembering, once again, that communication at the centre of every Art form, and we can only grow together. Bellysketcher will need your help to create your maternity watercolour portraits and your satisfaction is the main goal. If, for any reason you are not happy with the result, Inês will not stop searching for your true maternity colours until she finds it out. It’s one of the main dilemmas of being an artist, the never solved problem…

A Maternity Portrait is a life time memory of an enduring family moment. A Painting to look at and rest with. A Portrait to delight yourself from the day to day rush.

Tell the story of your maternity in the most colourful, noble and prestigious  way, with a beautiful watercolour made by Bellysketcher – Inês Pargana, a mum and a painter specialized in maternity watercolour portraits.

Having your own custom maternity watercolour portrait will make your home even more luminous and radiant. Better than having one maternity watercolour portrait on the wall, is to exhibit an entire gallery, with all members of your family, lightening up your home.

Have your self a unique, custom-made maternity watercolour portrait from Bellysketcher. Looking forward to register your family. Contact me!

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