About Maternity Portraits

About Maternity Portraits

Maternity Portraits inspire you every time you look at them, reminding you of all the Love and Happiness that your child offers you.

Art has a kind of magic. Art lifts us, makes us happier, more fulfilled and more evolved. It gives us the shivers and that beauty shudders, and more importantly, makes us remember the most important moments of our lives.

A Maternity Portrait has your colors, your body and your soul in every stroke.

Bellysketcher – Inês Pargana – paints your Maternity –  your pregnancy, your baby, your family –  with her sense of your own family, showing an essence and energy that no photo can ever have.

A Maternity Portrait is a life time memory of an enduring family moment. A Painting to look at and rest with. A Portrait to delight yourself from the day to day  rush.

We live in a hurry. Our children live in a hurry. Most of us take photos of our families. A photo is fast, it’s fast to grab the camera, fast to take a snapshot, but also fast to forget. Not a Maternity Portrait. A Painting has other kind of rhythm. It’s slow, it’s considerate, it’s slow paced and it’s forever.

In a few years from know, your children will have children of their own, then grandchildren and this Painting, the Maternity Portrait showing your Love, will be part of their hearts and new families. It will never go out of fashion, and will never be from someone else’s. It’s YOUR Maternity portrait with YOUR soul in it.

Maternal Love never shades with time, it’s a growing feeling and it’s forever. You don´t have to be pregnant, your children don´t have do be babies. As long as you have that maternal feeling, with that maternal sense Bellysketcher can create your family portrait.

Maternity Portraits tell your family story. It’s not about one moment, one thought, one idea. It’s about a feeling, that huge indescribable feeling of Maternal Love. A Painting is able to express that in a very emotional and beautiful way.

Have you ever felt that words were not enough? Thankfully Art does the rest of the work. You can have your personal tale written in a color language, understandable by everyone, a language of emotions providing that inspirational touch to make you smile.

Maternity Portraits are also perfect gifts. Not only is it a very special and unforgettable gift but also  because it symbolizes the one offering. It’s a unique painting representing both the subject in the portrait ( in a realistic way) as the one that offers it ( in an abstract way).

Have your self a unique, custom-made maternity portrait from Bellysketcher. Looking forward to register your family. Contact us!

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