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Maternity in Bahrein

Maternity in Bahrein – A Family Love from our world

Maternity Love no matter our culture.

Maternity in Bahrein is the same as in any other part of the world. I’ll explain why I’m saying this, but I’m sure you get where I’m heading to, keep reading.

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When I first saw pictures of Aysha, Walled and Mariam I was surprised. I had never made a family portrait with  a men with a turban or a women with an islamic veil. In Europe, and I think all western countries, we tend to have an ideia of muslim societies being very different from “us” (whoever “us” are) , probably because of all that’s happening to the world right now (we all know what I mean, right?).

In Portugal we have a very strong and old influence of arabic cultures that can still be seen these days. Not only on our architecture, our language, but, off course, on our way of living. Saying this, I believe that maternity, and family relationships, in Portugal, are much closer to the arabic world then from Asia, for example, or even the northern European countries.

However, even with this strong influence through our history, we don´t see many women with veils or man with turbans. About islamic countries, and Islamic society we know what we see on TV, and, let’s face it… that’s not always that good to watch.

Having the chance of meet mothers and fathers all around the world is one, as I said before, of my favourite things on Bellysketcher project.

I actually had the chance to meet Aysha, and you know what… she was not at all what I was expecting. She was exactly like me, a mum, a women, a wife in Love with her daughter, in love with her husband, on a vacation time with friends.

Aysha made me remember that maybe we are closer to each other then what we imagine.

One thing I’ll never forget Aysha said to me, “your hands were blessed by god” as a translation of an arabic expression that sounded beautiful when she first mention. That touched me deeply. I don´t believe in God, any God. I believe in people and their search for Love and Communication, that’s actually by divinity, and that God Aysha was mentioning was actually my own God.

Like Sting said ( that great philosopher :D) “I hope the Russians love their children too”  and you know what.. I bet they do!



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