April 6, 2016 Bellysketcher

Lovely pregnancy picture

Pregnancy picture of a beautiful family.

A pregnancy picture of Martim, or should I say Eça.

This is one of my favourite pregnancy picture and it’s even on bellysketcher’s watercolor gallery . It’s actually a Love representation of one beautiful family expecting a baby. Keep reading.

This watercolor was done in a live painting session. Alice, the oldest daughter is a very tender and sweet girl as you can see by the painting. She looks exactly like her mom. I really wanted to paint this incredibly love link I’ve felt on them. It was a beautiful session.

pregnancy picture

Inside the womb was Martim, or should I say Eça. There’s a wonderful story about this baby’s name.

When the session took place, the baby name was Eça. In Portugal we have a list of allowed names. It’s a way to maintain people with “normal” and portuguese names. If you want to call your daughter Katniss, you are not allowed. It’s stranger if you are not use to it, but, in fact, it’s a very big list, so it’s not like everybody has the same name. Eça is actually a very common name in Portugal, so, this family was not concerned with  the list. The entire pregnancy, Eça was called by his beloved by Eça. There was no question about this boy named Eça. Except that when his dad went to register him, the name was not accepted. Eça is indeed common.. however is a surname, and not a name. So they had to decide for another name, and Alice came up with Martim ( Martim Moniz is an historical figure from 12th century. A crusader who died crushed between the gates helping to conquer Lisbon castle to the moors … it’s on the list… portuguese love accidental heros).

Martim is now called by everyone Eça, Or should I say Eça has now a citizen card named Martim. It’s quite confusing, actually.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, This baby is loved by this sweet and tender family and will have a great story to explain people why the name on his ID is not his actual name.



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