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Happy mother’s life ( as opposed to happy mother’s day)

Mother’s day, a day to think about how strange it is a mother’s day

Mother’s day and special friends

I’m not a big fan of mother’s day. In May, when shops begin to use all their energy to get our attention to buy something for our mother, I plant a flower seed for Christmas. Every Christmas, my dear mom ( the best there is), gets a beautiful flower I’ve planted for her, thinking of her. ( This year is going to be a carnation).

It’s actually a very strange ideia, isn´t it? A special day to think ( and buy) for  mum. Keep reading and meet Raquel, Ricardo and Rita.

It doesn’t mean I don´t LOVE my children’s gifts ( or my mom). Their happiness about showing us what they did…  perfect moments, I must say, but mother’s day is all about shopping, and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, that’s why I don´t make a big fuss out of mother’s day. Probably not the best marketing strategy, but I’m an artist, not a marketeer (thank God for that)!

This watercolor painting was not for mother’s day, but for mother’s life :).

mother's day

Raquel and Ricardo are expecting baby Rita. Both are very dear to me.

Raquel delivered both of my sons. She was the first person to lay eyes on both of them :). She looked after both my pregnancies holding my hand when I thought Tomé wasn´t alive on my womb ( soon I’ll tell you that story) and  telling me that Nicolau was ready to meet me.

Ricardo is a Paediatrician and his phone rings a lot because of my boys. ( Mum’s are the worse nightmare for paediatricians… for sure). Ricardo and Raquel visited me on the hospital when Nicolau was very sick ( he had a very bad RSV with 1 month old and had to be ventilated for a week.. very dark days). Ricardo answered my very repetitive questions over and over again, always encouraging  me ( and my husband) telling all that could happened but was´t going to happen ( he was right.. he’s fine know).

Both are there for good times and bad times. Thank you my dear friends for your patience and availability. My humble gift to you, hope you like it.


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