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grandparents-maternity art times two

grandparents maternity portraits

grandparents are parents with sugar.

Watercolor maternity paintings about grandparents are one of my favourites.

granna's portrait

Grandmothers ( and grandfathers) are parents with sugar. Grannys always know songs we have never heard before, crazy stories that we can´t read on any book and beautiful lies to color our world ( my grand dad A. was very short, 1,56m. He used to say that he was born very tall, 3 m high, back in Mars- yes, the planet Mars- but when he moved to Earth, in order to bled in, he cut 2 big pieces of him, but he made a mistake, and cut too much). My granny was the opposite, she was very worried with my great indifference to divide fractions. She used to spend entire afternoons trying to teach me those, and I still can’t do it. Grandparents always have a sweet hidden somewhere, always have the time and they never care about the weather.

My and my grand dad used to go for long walks, talking, telling stories, asking, looking, admiring and thinking. My grand dad taught me to never stop asking, never stop dreaming. I miss him very much!

My children are very lucky to have their 4 grandparents living only 10 min from here. They have a special bond with all and they share a world that I’m not allowed to enter. I know that one of the most special thinks of childhood is the relationship with grandparents.

bellysketcher - grandparents portrait

Granny Jorgina was a women ahead of her time, as Clara describe. A Fan of music and Art. Clara wants to place her in a special place in a small wall, in her small home in Oslo, Norway so that her children can remember that grandamothers and great-grandmothers are two times mums. A maternity watercolor remembering that grannys are mum’s with sugar!

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