May 3, 2018 Bellysketcher

Wild Child, happy child

Wild thing  ,you make my heart sing

Free-range kids and learning how to relax

Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of a little (a lot) of wildness in our lives.

Maria, according to her family, is a mixture of tenderness, wildness and freedom in the adequate amount of each. I’ve decided to paint her as a wild Indian.

child portrait

Please continue reading to know more about the indian Maria and why we have a lot to learn from her.

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Freedom and wildness comes with a bit of going against the rules I suppose, at least for most adults, and this isn´t easy. Children have the ability to experiment and sometimes, they forget those rules and they go wild, just the way it should always be.

I believe that no children can grow up being a responsible ( and rules follower ) adult without ever broken some rules and feel free.

Without freedom, there’s no responsibility.

It’s not easy to let our children free range. It’s so much easier to forbid. Forbidding feels like avoiding the problem or the threat, but it really doesn´t. I believe it creates new threats. Not knowing how to climb a tree, being afraid of buying lemons across the street , feel shame when talking to strangers, these are real threats.  In our daily lives we came across problems, frustrations, dangerous situations… this is what life is, and our children should know how to solve this problems on their own.

Following the rules … obeying… is not the best feature for a kid ( or adult).

When have you ever heard : ” what an incredible guy he was… he followed all the rules and always act as expected” …  know what I mean?

Go wild and be free!


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