July 6, 2018 Bellysketcher

Four “mompreneurs” in Oporto

Friends with creative ideias

Playing “sex and the city” in Oporto

A jewlery designer, a photographer, a toy designer and a painter go to a bar in Oporto! Keep reading to know if there’s a punch line.

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I often say that I never regretted leaving the office I used to work as an architect. That is true, but I must say that I miss having co-workers.

Working alone is good when it comes to concentration levels, but it can also be a bit solitary.
I go out every day , but when I come back to the office I often hear podcasts to feel that I’m not alone.
Besides the “social” company, I miss having someone’s opinion about my work: “do you like it in red, or should I paint it green?”, these kind of doubts.
Luckily I have 3 great friends always ready to help me in these matters ( and others).Friends with whom I used to work in college. Three entrepreneur mums who are never scared of too much work. Friends living apart from each other, but always connected ( thank god for whatsapp and Skype).
Sílvia, lives in Leiria, Portugal. She is a jewellery designer. I’m her fan and I’m happy to collect her beautiful work. I made her portrait a long time ago, in the beginning of Bellysketcher’s project in partnership with the artist Mariot. My work is so different now!
Sara, lives in São Paulo, Brasil. She is a photographer. You can take a peek on her fabulous work here. I painted her pregnant with her 2nd son.
Carolina lived everywhere (Los Angeles, New York, São Miguel, London, Paris … ) She is from the enchanted Azores. She is the only one still working as an architect. She also has a toy brand absolutely amazing. I painted her pregnant with her son, and I think that soon I’ll paint her belly again.
watercolor painting
This weekend , the four of us, are going to Oporto, without husbands, and without children, playing “sex and the City”.
Every year me and my husband travel with kids somewhere around the globe, but I’ve never spended a night away from my family just with friends since my kids were born. I’m super excited!
I’m sure we’ll manage not to talk exclusively about work and kids 🙂
Hopefully next week I’ll give you a punch line, but you see, nothing happened yet!

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