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Family portrait , mutual aid and fire

A Family portrait

The support and mutual aid on a family and in a country

This family portrait was a wedding gift. Virginia, a friend of the family, could not be present on Alice and Oliver’s wedding, so she surprised them with this beautiful bellysketcher’s family portrait. As I’ve been told, they loved it and got emotional.

I’m also emocional, but for very sad reasons. It’s impossible not to mention the tragedy that occurred in Portugal last Saturday.

Continue reading to see the painting I’ve made for this UK family.

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family portrait

I don´t watch the news on TV ( exploring the awful hell it must have been and is still being) and I try not to read any internet news about the fires in Pedrogão , but it’s impossible to avoid the big Facebook titles that makes us imagine an horror of flames. 64 people were killed and 160 are injured, many were left homeless and lost their animals and cultures.

I’m not going to say anything about Portugal’s forest politics,  our territorial planning or the residual existence of profissional firemen… This is not supposed to be an opinion blog and I don´t know enough of this subject. But I would like to express my sincere condolences to all the victims affected by this tragedy and to remember that the mutual aid that emerge right on the day after, touches me profoundly.

Even knowing that this instant reaction of the portuguese of helping firemen and the victims, is not going to avoid something like this of happening again, shows that we are humans and we help each other in the worst of the horrors, like a family. We are all different, but when it comes to the pain of loosing a family, we all relate.

This fire comes a few days after Grenfell Tower consumed by the flames in London ( the city of Oliver and Alice).

What can we say 🙁

Let’s hope we can still remember this during the winter!


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