June 11, 2018 Bellysketcher

handmade family picture

handmade family picture

Using our hands – using our brain

I make handmade family pictures. Many people ask me why I still use a brush and real ink to paint… why don´t I just use the computer…

Well… because I can and want to use a brush and real ink.


Don´t get me wrong… I’m not against digital painting… How could I… there’s so many beautiful examples of digital art.

It’s just that I feel like it’s not the same thing.

Keep reading and follow me.

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The feeling of having something made with your own hands is extremely fulfilled. That’s why many activities with our hands, such as gardening, knitting, embroideries, are so popular when people are looking for something to relax.

I believe this happens because our sense of humanity is deeply connected with our bodies. We tend to forget this, and think about human intelligence as a brain and head thing, but it really isn´t… It’s actually a very complex mazy between these two ( that are actually one) worlds : brain and body.

When I paint with a brush or a pencil I’m using as few steps as possible between me ( my energy and my feelings) and the painting. When I’m using a computer , even with a pen, there are too many steps to the final art, and I believe, somethings get lost along the way.

That’s one of the reasons why painting is much more valuable then a digital picture made in a computer.

My paintings are part of me, and part of my interpretation of a family, of a baby , with as little things in between as possible.

This portrait of a family of four ( mom, dad, baby and the dog) , was made with a black pen and watercolours.

Humans are special, not only, but also, because we are artists. Let’s celebrate it and support our humanity.

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Bellysketcher Bellysketcher creates your exclusive hand made family portrait with watercolor painting. It´s made with all her dedication, attention to detail and most important, with her sense of your own family. Bellysketcher maternity pictures are much more than maternity photos. Every single watercolor is an interpretation of one’s parenting Love representing what can´t be seen with a camera. Beautiful paintings that will last a life time of memories. Perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.
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