May 23, 2016 Bellysketcher

Dare to be a dazzling mother

C-Section scars, sagging breasts, stretch marks and varicose veins – problems to be fixed?

Celebrate your body with a painting

About a year ago I launched the “naked belly” painting option. I wanted to celebrate women’s body, specially during pregnancy. When I first decided to offer that option I was´t aware of how important it was going to be for so many women.

Keep reading and meet Julia.

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I started to get lots of mails of people with a hard time accepting their maternal bodies and felt the urge to look at them selves with  different eyes.

I painted many naked pregnant and postpartum mother’s on beautiful painting sessions, when we had the opportunity to talk about our fears and expectations and all changes we go thought in life ( not only maternity).

I don´t have many examples of these paintings to show you, because most of these mother’s want to do this for themselves and don´t feel comfortable to publish it on the web. It’s their own testimonial of a journey to be kept within the family.

C-Section scars, sagging breasts, stretch marks and varicose veins are referred as a “problems to be fixed”. When they don´t, people feel their bodies are not good looking  and my paintings show them the opposite, their bodies are more beautiful than ever and can even  inspire incredible paintings.

pregnancy portraits


Julia is from The Netherlands and she’s pregnant with her first baby. Her friend Rita decided to offer her a painting.

Rita sent me many photos of Julia and her baby bump, but my favourite was, no doubt, this one, on the beach, in her bikini. I asked Rita if she though Julia would like to be painted wearing nothing more than a bikini and I loved her answer, something like – “Here ( in Amsterdam), women feel very comfortable with their bodies so use the photo that inspires you the most”.

And here it is, my inspiration of a dazzling, graceful , stunning mom to be and her lovely baby bump showed with no clothes on… Gorgeous, don´t you think?

Celebrate your body , contact me and have your self a portrait of your maternity.

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