being completely honest about this

A justification, an excuse or a rant

( and a painting).

First things first, here’s what brought you here:

family portrait

Please, keep reading because there’s something I got to take out of my chest:

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Family portrait , mutual aid and fire

A Family portrait

The support and mutual aid on a family and in a country

This family portrait was a wedding gift. Virginia, a friend of the family, could not be present on Alice and Oliver’s wedding, so she surprised them with this beautiful bellysketcher’s family portrait. As I’ve been told, they loved it and got emotional.

I’m also emocional, but for very sad reasons. It’s impossible not to mention the tragedy that occurred in Portugal last Saturday.

Continue reading to see the painting I’ve made for this UK family.

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Simplicity works! ( for baby-shower and more)

What to offer when parents already have it all – baby-shower gifts

Baby shower and Eurovision (what?!!)

Julia and Vincent, from the Netherlands, received a special baby-shower present from their friend Rita, a remarkable and personal Bellysketcher pregnancy portrait.

On a baby-shower, we want to offer something special, unique and forever lasting to the future parents… a pregnancy painting is a perfect gift! Know why… continue reading please, and see how the watercolor turned out!

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newborn baby – a time of contrasts

Newborn baby – A time of coherent contradiction

Bright colors on a soft pallet – the intensity of a newborn mother

Barbara, the author of mammateenblog ,once a newborn mum, is a mother of three, but the portrait was not about any kid in particular but about her motherhood in general.

I tried to represent all the love, tenderness and connection between a mum and her newborn baby. The colors are soft and pastel but we can’t ignore the bright yellow tones that exist during this time. Everything looks intense, doesn´t it? How was it for you?

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new partnership – tedzukuri origami lamps

Brand new partnership -tedzukuri  for your home!

To celebrate the spring – new illustration for tedzukuri

I’m super, super happy and excited to show you my brand new partnership with Tedzukuri !!!

You may remember Cláudia, Pedro, Zoe and Gui from here and here. This beautiful, happy, creative family from Paris just started an incredible origami project entirely made by hand and eco-friendly materials ( my kind of thing). You can know a bit more about it by clicking the link above and from their Etsy shop.


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