June 8, 2016 Bellysketcher

Borrowing from nature to Art

Special places, special times

Nature and Art combined in an amazing workshop

Some places are special and therefore special things happen in there. That was exactly what I had the chance to experience last Sunday on A azinhaga, an incredible farm, just 15 minutes away from Lisbon, with fresh air and an amazing view over Belém…

Continue reading to know what we did and take a look at these colors!

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I began to talk with kids about how nature influences Art and show them the beautiful work of Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty, Arcimboldo and Richard Long (must say I’m a fan all of them). Most of the kids were familiar with Arcimboldo, from school or parents ( great news), but none knew the other artists.

After that they were all completely free to explore the farm and gather all they wanted along with their parents: flowers, fruits, rocks, leafs…


I had two major goals with this workshop.

To show children ( and parents, that often say things like –  my kid has no talent at all to paint … ) the importance of the process, rather then the final result.

Adults are always very worried with the final result – will it be nice in the end, will it look realistic, will others like my Art- but not children. Children understand the pleasure of making Art as an action, rather than something to exhibit. Let’s all preserve that with our children! ( I’m counting on you).


And also offer them the  conscienceness that we should only burrow from nature. Their work was left there to return to nature and that, I believe, is a very important teaching for tomorrow’s kids.

They returned home with nothing more than a coloured heart. This time, on this workshop, no presents were given, besides the most import of all: the experience lived on that beautiful morning.


Thanks to all the kids, parents and a special thanks to Magda, the heart and soul of A Azinhaga.

I’m sure we will do this again :), so next time we can see each other there!


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