secret about bellysketcher’s portrait paintings

A small , yet honest confession about my  work on portrait and my true passion.

Vanessa and Raymond’s portrait – a couple in Love – and a secret.

This will probably came as a shock for you, so please be sure you are well sited before continue to read this post. (may be exaggerating a little here 😉 )

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Family portrait for a delightful family

Family portrait after a small vacation.

and a new way to show you my work

And I’m back with a brand new family portrait!

It’s not that I wasn´t here ( I went to Iceland for a week in vacation… YEAH!!!), but I’m doing so many things that I just have to admit that the blog gets a bit forgotten. I’m getting more and more involved with Art’s ( and not just Arts) education and I just can´t stop researching about it. My kids will be part of a school system I’m getting trouble to believe in, so it can’t be more personal than that. But, at the right time, I’ll share my thoughts about it with you.

Now let’s see Maternity Art. Just click on the ARROW button and stay tunned 😉

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father’s day, is it today?

Memorable father’s day gift

Father’s day around the world. Is it in March? Is it in June?


Father’s day is just as excuse to look into our dad’s eyes and thank him. I’ll start  – Thank you dad for teaching me how to paint ( my dad is a painter and a violinist.. my family is quite gifted when it comes to Arts… bad news for my mum who just wants someone in the family with a normal job, like a lawyer or an engineer, but can´t seem to find it.. sorry mum ).

This painting was done for Kimberly, in the States. In Portugal we celebrate father’s day in March, but as I work mainly for the US, May is the month for father’s day.

Keep reading to know a bit more about Kimberly and her men and to see the painting I’ve done of them!

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father's day gift

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Imagine your new born portrait

New born portrait for a life time of memories

Special moments just after birth with no camera in between

Margarida is António’s mother for more than 2 years now (not a new born portrait anymore, or is it?). She doesn´t have many photos, specially after giving birth and wanted an image that captures their early relationship, when they were still knowing each other.

That is not unusual at all. I’m used to be contacted by parents who have a special ideia of what kind of image they want, but have no photo of it. “I would love to have a painting with my son holding his brother when he was born, but I don´t have any picture of it, can you do it?” “I never had the chance to take a picture of my granny holding my son, can you do it?” ” I don´t have any pictures of my son being brestfed, it was such a beautiful phase, can you do it?”. The list is actually endless.

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