April 5, 2016 Bellysketcher

Preparing Bellysketcher’s workshop

Bellysketcher’s workshop – It’s this Saturday!

The story/ painting workshop combining all my favourites 😉

Preparing Bellysketcher’s workshop for Mini-mi Fashion week is being so much fun.

I can tell you a little bit of what we are doing on Saturday, so don’t stop reading!


Foxes are wonderful animals, they are also Mini-mi fashion week’s mascot.

They live in small dens under the ground, and, as humans, are mammals.

Imagine small, tiny, new born, cute as can be, foxes. Imagine them and their belongings: a crib, a mobile, a soft doll…


Know, let’s paint from there. A maternity story in brigth colors, told by children.

The result, can only be beautiful.

I’m already off the schedule. I was counting on doing this last night, but Nicolau, my youngest boy (2 years old) had an accident, quite ostentatious, so we had to go to the hospital. He’s fine know, except from a bruise ( not that small) and a combination of stery-strips on his eye ( that does´t open today).

He was running away from his brother, playing, with a key on his hand. (yes.. I know.. not the safest toy :/ ). They both fall over and the next thing I saw was blood everywhere. Tomé could´t stop crying and Nicolau, as you imagine, was screaming out loud for so long before I could see that his eye was ok.

We run to the hospital and Nicolau was seen right as we got there. My biggest concern was his eye. He was seen by an ophthalmologist and was fine.

Every time something like this happens I only think of how vulnerable we get with our kids. The most import thing in the world is now another human beeing, and the thought of something bad happening to him is enough to makes us miserable.

Anyway, he is going to be fine and I know now, that keys are bad and dangerous toys.

Back to work now. Still have a maternity watercolor to do. Remember to be there on time. 11.30. Can´t wait to see your there.

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