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Are you feeling good about yourself?

Giving back the flame ( with art)

2 Nude sessions in 1 month

It’s not exactly a secret… but the majority of people avoid talking about this subject: moms ( mostly moms), after their babies are born forget that they are also women. It looks that our eyes only sparkle with our babies. Fathers, obviously, take it a bit personally and have a hard time getting over being second choice to the woman they chose to be a life partner.

We have all been through that… there’s a time after being a mom, that we are no longer in love with our own body. The reasons are plenty, and we know most of them: lack of sleep, the hormones… a body we no longer recognise.

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Keep reading and see more sketches of women just like the rest of us.



Thankfully, for my rejoice, husbands are not only aware but comprehensive . They know that they are also part of the solution.

In the past month I was contacted by 2 husbands with the some purpose. They wanted me to make a nude painting session with their wives in the expectation that this ideia could give them back their confidence and their flame.


Were pretty special sessions. I don´t intend to be any kind of therapist ( I could never be one), but I’m thrilled to know that, at least, these two couples, I’m helping.

None wanted to be identified, so I’m not allowed to show you the final painting, only the sketches of the live drawing session.

Both women were feeling awkward with their bodies after giving birth, but the most curious thing , is that their husbands didn´t agree. Both were still in love with theirs wives bodies. Sexiness has nothing to do with a number on a scale.

I entered in their houses and found 2 shy women, and when I left they were proud, full of them selves, confident , happy with what they just did.

I can´t wait to meet more couples like V&A and S&L.

Sometimes it’s so much easier to make our lives better…

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