May 16, 2016 Bellysketcher

animal print paintings of my original drawings

Animal Print paintings for sale!!!!

Bellysketcher paintings turn into posters!

I’m super excited to tell you all the good news! I have new print paintings to sell and I’ll tell you all about it on this post. Keep reading and choose your favourites. Enjoy our launching promotion of 50% discount! YEAHHH!!

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I’ve decided to show you my personal artistic quest. As you know from my about page, I’m addicted to draw and I have so many paintings on my studio walls, with no theme in particular, just drawings I do once in a while, that I thought you might enjoy having those on your walls as well.

This is only the beginning. I’m working on letting all my paintings available to print, and maybe… I can even work on new paintings soon.

It’s perfect if you want to hang quality Art on your walls  for a very, very good price. ( I’m talking about 4,5 euros for each poster!!!)

This is only possible because what you’ll get is not the original painting, but a poster.

These animals were inspired on maternity, but not every painting will be about that.

All are available for the final price of 4,5€ + 5€ shipping in 40x30cm size. All are printed in a very good quality 240g paper. And can be placed anywhere you like!

This promotion will be on until the end of May, after that all prints will be 9€

Please send me an email to order :). I’m waiting for your contact!



panda watercolor



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Bellysketcher Bellysketcher creates your exclusive hand made family portrait with watercolor painting. It´s made with all her dedication, attention to detail and most important, with her sense of your own family. Bellysketcher maternity pictures are much more than maternity photos. Every single watercolor is an interpretation of one’s parenting Love representing what can´t be seen with a camera. Beautiful paintings that will last a life time of memories. Perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.

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