Inês is a mother, a compulsive drawer and an eternal creator. She used to be an architect searching for a more colourful life. Have found it between pregnancy pictures and colourful family portraits.

About Bellysketcher- When I became pregnant, a strong desire to draw was awakened within me.

Here’s a little bit about Bellysketcher! I followed my instinct, and as soon as my son started kicking inside me, I felt the urge to make peace with those moments of fulfilment and pleasure. Whilst at college, I could not let go of my graphic diary. It was a habit of mine, drawing in it all that I was able to. When pregnant, it was easy for me to remember all the extra weight that I used to carry. The weight of Love, color, hope, etc… As it turns out, that weight is in fact not heavy at all, it feels so light that it lifts us from the floor, makes us travel trough color and magic. By the time my son was born, contrary to all expectations, my drawing rhythm increased. I found myself doing my best to not miss any detail, especially all of his round lines. I drew every little detail: his narrow hands, his chubby feet, his long nails, his thin hair… so that I would hang on to the memory of him at that young age. I took many pictures of him, yet my camera was no match for the moments I held in my diary. So I released myself to the pleasure of drawing. While observing him asleep, I worked hard in finding a drawing technique that would enable me to capture his peaceful breathing. Tomé grew up. He learned how to crawl, he started walking, and soon enough, he began to run. Before I knew it, I could not catch up with him. He moved faster than his lines I was trying to draw. Finally, I found my pace within Belly’s. I wanted to make watercolor paintings about maternity- mothers in their eager, but peaceful expectation , babies sleeping in their mother’s safe lap and kids laughing and playing with their siblings. When I first started, the lines were flowing from my hand, and I knew that I had found my bearings. I realised that, for too long, I was trapped in a 9 to 7 schedule. Suddenly, thanks to my maternity pictures, hot blood was running through my veins, and it took this spark to know that it could never again be ignored: there was no turning back… I was awake! Wide awake and aware! So now you know more about Bellysketcher, contact me so you can have a special and unique watercolor maternity portrait!


”Since I grew tired of the chase,
And search, I learned to find.
And since the wind blows in my face,
I sail with every wind”.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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