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pregnancy picture for a brave and intrepid teacher

A not so shy pregnancy picture

A pregnancy picture and some concerns in between (about school)

I’ve painted Filipa’s pregnancy picture live, she is kinder-garden teacher. This is probably one of the most important professions there is. All parents agree that is probably very difficult, yet , very rewarding. What do you think ? Keep reading and leave your comments below.

When Filipa first contacted me, told me she was very shy and was´t secure if the painting live session was adequate for her. I use my very best influential powers (objective and true arguments) to convince her that being painted at a live session is actually a very relaxing and special experience. Filipa ( and Maria) did not regret it!

pregnancy picture

We talked about school and education, about children and what we expect from them (both school and children).

I must say that School frights me a bit, at least most schools. Kids spend their time inside a room instead of outside, playing on the grass . Kids learn sums and subtractions with 5 , but can´t prepare themselves a sandwich. My biggest concern is that our kids are not being prepared for the real world, only for the profissional world (quite different things, even if nowadays it’s easy to confuse them).

Many professors and pedagogues such as Ken Robinson have a very pessimistic ideia of how kids spend their days. I agree with them.

I wanted to represent Filipa’s job ( much more than a job). I represent it by painting children’s small and chubby hands. Hands wanting to create, never feeling scared (yet) to not be good enough.

Teachers are not to blame ( at all). Teachers are brave, intrepid and creative, but have so many rules to follow, so many matters to teach and steps to achieve…  Cant´t imagine how they do it. Thank you teachers!






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