May 24, 2018 Bellysketcher

baby portrait inside the womb, baby portrait outside the womb

A pregnancy painting and a baby portrait

When I met the babies I once painted in the womb

I invite you to meet sweet Sofia:

baby portrait

I first met Patrícia and João while Sofia was in the womb. Me and Patricia had a day apart in our pregnancies (I was pregnant with Nicolau due on 14th December and Patricia was due 13th December). We had such a delightful session. It looks like it was a long time ago.

You can see how different my paintings were. These are from October 2013:

pregnant portrait

Sofia is now a sweet and happy child, with irresistible cheeks. Keep reading to know a bit more about her and Brilhante’s family.

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I’ve said it a million times, but the best thing about my job is to know the families and to get the chance to see these babies became children. So, when I have repeat families I realise how much my work means and I reaffirm my choice of profession with great joy and enthusiasm.

Not once I regretted letting go architecture and many times I get the opportunity to see I made the smart choice. Lucky me, hein?

When I first met Patricia and João, Bellysketcher was just starting. I just left the office I was working at and everything was uncertain. Now, I’m happy to paint a lot. I’m never out of work, and sometimes I even have trouble letting you know what I’ve been doing.

Both times I draw them, in their beautiful and comfortable home) we have listened to very good music ( something I really appreciate, as I said before, I’m a music fan) and had long and great conversations about education, work, art, culture… That’s way I’ve decided to paint them in music sheets and book sheets… Such a wonderful family.



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