January 15, 2018 Bellysketcher

being completely honest about this

A justification, an excuse or a rant

( and a painting).

First things first, here’s what brought you here:

family portrait

Please, keep reading because there’s something I got to take out of my chest:

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A disconnected someone like myself with a blog could only go wrong not so good. I’ having some issues about writing on the blog again. There are always so many much more important interesting  things to do. It’s not that showing what I’m working on is not import , it is, (believe me, I know that in a job like this we can never stop feeding the social media) but there’s always a painting to finish, a mail that has to be answered, a game to play with Tomé, a drawing to draw with Nicolau. Time passes by… the Autumn, Christmas… New year…nothing, not on the blog or on facebook or on instagram

But being completely honest about this… I really do not care about social media.

When I’m with my family I don´t even use my phone… it stays home. When I’m on vacation I don’t even check my email.

People may say this is a problem, but I feel it as a blessing. I have no symptoms at all of digital addiction. I never do phubbing and my family and friends appreciate. It’s not that I don´t practise exercise ( I do!!!), not that I don´t cook ( eventually), not that I never go out or go on vacation ( one of my favourite thinks to do), is just that I don´t need to tell everyone about it!

Off course I’m not on a digital retreat. I know that google knows the books I read, the themes I’m interest about. It ( or should I use another article to talk about the new God?) knows a lot about me and it even surprises me with shopping suggestions that I did not know I needed  so bad!, But there’s still so much bio on me that remains untouchable to the big algorithm and that’s how I intend it to be.

Being said, thanks to all my clients who ignore my idiosyncrasies and still contact me even if it looks like I’m dead!

The painting above is a very nice family who opened their home so I could meet them. Meeting the families is still the best about my job. Living life in the moment, no editions, no photoshops, no fears.






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