May 12, 2016 Bellysketcher

A Azinhaga – Nature, Art, Agriculture and Music

A Azinhaga – a place for restless minds to rest a bit

Good beginnings for wonderful projects.

Magda is an architect. We used to work together in the same office and had the same ideias about our professional lives. I always knew she was´t going to work there too long (for the best of reasons). Magda is a bit like me… restless when it comes to ideias, and our minds were too settled for us working the way we did.

She decided to quit her job and live a much more quiet, heathy and beautiful existence. She runs workshops and several nature related activities for children ( and adults) on her incredible farm just a few minutes from Lisbon called A Azinhaga.

Please continue reading o know about A Azinhaga and my work there.

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Magda contact me with the ideia of a painting-logo for Azinhaga . I’m not a designer and I don´t know how to make logos, but this was´t a corporative “normal” logo. Was more a painting than a logo. After some meetings this is the result, first the winged version, than the non-winged one.




Both me and Magda were very happy with how it turned out. It relates nature, painting, agriculture and music (Magda is also a piano teacher).

A Azinhaga is already running several activities, including a Bellysketcher workshop for children from 4 to 8 years’s old in May.

On this workshop I’ll show kids that nature is not only an inspirational theme for painting, but also where we can look for raw materials to create Art such as natural brushes, leaves, color pigments, even papers ( at least kind of paper).

I’m very happy to be part of this wonderful project since the very beginning, and I think A Azinhaga will be responsible for beautiful things to come. 🙂




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