father’s day, is it today?

Memorable father’s day gift

Father’s day around the world. Is it in March? Is it in June?


Father’s day is just as excuse to look into our dad’s eyes and thank him. I’ll start  – Thank you dad for teaching me how to paint ( my dad is a painter and a violinist.. my family is quite gifted when it comes to Arts… bad news for my mum who just wants someone in the family with a normal job, like a lawyer or an engineer, but can´t seem to find it.. sorry mum ).

This painting was done for Kimberly, in the States. In Portugal we celebrate father’s day in March, but as I work mainly for the US, May is the month for father’s day.

Keep reading to know a bit more about Kimberly and her men and to see the painting I’ve done of them!

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father's day gift

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