How to get perfect pregnancy photos (and turn it on a beautiful pregnancy portrait)

Perfect pregnancy photos to a perfect portrait

Sarah’s pregancy portrait based on her beautiful pregnancy photos

I paint pregnancy portraits. I do it on a painting live session or based in photos. I prefer to do it on a painting session for so many reasons, but most of my clients are from abroad Portugal, so, most of my clients don´t have the opportunity to be painted on a live painting session.

Keep reeding to know the perfect photos that make the perfect painting.

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pregnancy picture for a brave and intrepid teacher

A not so shy pregnancy picture

A pregnancy picture and some concerns in between (about school)

I’ve painted Filipa’s pregnancy picture live, she is kinder-garden teacher. This is probably one of the most important professions there is. All parents agree that is probably very difficult, yet , very rewarding. What do you think ? Keep reading and leave your comments below.

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maternity portraits – a life I wasn’t expecting

The story of how Bellysketcher’s maternity portraits were born

maternity portraits – a life with color after so much black and white (architecture style)

I never thought my happiness was among maternity portraits.

I studied architecture in Lisbon and Madrid and worked for 10 years as an architect before I finally decided for painting.

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Bellysketcher’s painting Workshop – AMAZING!

Wonderful time on Bellysketcher’s painting Workshop on Mini-mi Fashion week!

Kids loved it! A painting workshop for kids to get messy.

Bellysketcher’s painting workshop on Saturday was so, so much fun.

The event had just open doors and kids started entering. We began shyly trapped between Gymboree and Little Gym and in the end we owned the floor ;).  Ink was everywhere, kids were completely uncontrollable ( in a very good way) and Art happened!


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Maternity in Bahrein

Maternity in Bahrein – A Family Love from our world

Maternity Love no matter our culture.

Maternity in Bahrein is the same as in any other part of the world. I’ll explain why I’m saying this, but I’m sure you get where I’m heading to, keep reading.

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