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Natália is a landscape architect. Flowers were, off course, indispensable on this watercolour.

I’m a big fan of flowers ( it’s a constante on my art). My studio is always  full of colourful fresh flowers. Every week I buy a bouquet and it adds oxygen to my work space.

Sometimes I use them to inspire the drawings, some other times, I only rest my eyes on them. If I can give you any piece of advice about work, besides “do what you love”, would be, have a plant, or a flower next to you. That will bright your day even more.

João and Natália ( and Mia, the cat) are ready to know their baby boy.

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pregnancy picture


Today ( yesterday to be accurate, but I was away for 2 days. My younger son had his adenoids removed) I’m here and here !
Marta and I met on the net. Soon we discover to be neighbours and met personally.
Marta’s pregnant with Carolina now, her second pregnancy and want to seize her belly. She knows (so as most mothers) she’ll fell nostalgic of her baby bump.
I’ve loved to draw both on a luxurious green heaven.
Wish Carolina to play with flowers through all her like.


By plane

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This one goes around the world … again!

Thankfully I have a post office right around the corner. It’s not my favourite place to be, but lately, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for my turn next to my old neighbours ( I live on a old part of the town, my children are probably the only children  living on this street. The good part is that I always have someone to ask for onions when the market is closed).

Julie has a blog with her beautiful photos and her more beautiful girls.

They live in Arizona, USA ( the cactus), and Julie’s husband is ” awesome at writing letters ” ( is that it Julie?).

The only not so good thing about drawing people from around the world is that I’ll probably never have the chance to know them personally. Thank god for the Skype.

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